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MacSween Management is an independent portfolio management group of Fieldhouse Capital Management Inc, located in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC. More than just a financial advisor, our wealth management and investment strategies are designed specifically to help our clients achieve their investment goals. Whether seeking to minimize risk and protect your assets, to achieve maximum returns and growth, or simply to optimize investment, tax, retirement, or estate strategies, our sole focus is to deliver the best results possible for our individual, high net worth, and institutional clients.


Personalized portfolio management, wealth management and financial planning

Low fees: 

We understand the importance of fees on your long term investment returns and keep our fees as low as possible. The average mutual fund in Canada charges 2.4% per annum which over a long time horizon cuts your investment returns in half.

It is simple to see that such high fees make little sense when 500 of the largest stocks (S&P500) offer an average dividend yield of 1.93%. With management fees above 2% your dividend income is paying your investment management fees. For this reason it is important to minimize investment fees. We do this through keeping our own investment management fees as low as possible.

Strategic investment approach:

We run an investment fund called the Global Macro Core Fund which seeks to benefit from the end of the now 11 year bull market. We view equities as being historically overvalued and susceptible to a multi-year pull back. Rampant speculation in equities combined with the now historic economic shock due to Covid-19 is likely to bring this cycle to an end. With this view, we approach investing in equities with caution. Our approaches emphasize the importance of being strategic buyers once this cycle completes.

We spend countless hours developing deeply researched ideas and we execute those ideas and then monitor throughout the life of the investment or the trade. We employ the full knowledge base of our team of CFAs both within our group and extended network. It is rare to find a small firm with such a deep investment background. We are trained investment managers; not sales people.

We design portfolios to reflect your unique circumstances. They are tailored and developed according to your objectives.


We invest alongside our investors. We put our money where our mouth is. We want to succeed and we want you to succeed along with us.


Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and range from successful entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and retirees, to high net worth families and institutional investors.

And while their backgrounds differ slightly, they all have one thing in common; they all appreciate that strategic investing requires full-time dedication and the skills and expertise to manage your portfolio safely and profitably. This is why our clients choose MacSween Management.


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